Why You Need Confined Space Training

Sometimes, your job can have you be in the most awkward and tight spaces imaginable. This may happen if you are required to work in building ventilation units, underground in mines, or other secluded zones. Regardless of the reason, it’s important that you understand and have the appropriate training for such instances. Our team at The Safety Maintenance Company is committed to providing the proper training, courses, and information to employees in all industries throughout the North of England. At our custom designed training facility in Bradford, you and your team can partake in our Confined Spaces training course, preparing you for any tight circumstances you may find yourself in. Here are a few ways you can benefit from our accredited program.

First, our Confined Space training course mentally prepares your employees for job sites that may be off-putting and uneasy. Depending on your industry, you may be expected to work within tight confines on a regular basis. This is especially prevalent in industrial service professions, such as air conditioning maintenance and utilities. Sometimes, employees who have never experienced working within tight corners can become overwhelmed and find it impossible to concentrate on the task at hand. At our training facility, we have designed our course in a way that forces your team to work outside their comfort zones, overpower their fears, and complete their jobs.

Second, our staff of safety maintenance trainers provide each student with an in-depth training that not only helps overcome their fears of confined spaces but also how to work most efficiently. The first battle each person faces is overcoming claustrophobia. After this, it’s time to learn how to complete the specified job most quickly and safely possible. At our training centre, we can customise the course to fit your company’s requirements. This includes implementing any real-life challenges your employees can expect to face on the job through to unexpected issue that arises and how best to mitigate them.

Next, your company will benefit from flexible availability and ease of access to our facility. Located between Leeds and Bradford, our facility is easy to access from most cities throughout the North of England. Additionally, our website shows what courses are available throughout the next twelve months. This provides you with multiple options for when you wish to partake in our course. Likewise, our flexible schedule allows us to work with your particular team requirements, regardless of size. This includes Saturday courses upon request and on-site training when possible.

Last, each person who completes our course will receive an official certificate of their achievements. As a PASMA, IPAD, and City & Guiles accredited training centre; we offer only the highest level of safety training courses to all prospects in England. Your certificate of completion is valid throughout the country and can be used for any employer you wish.

Working in confined spaces is a challenge in of itself. However, don’t let the lack of space stop you from doing your absolute best on the job. With our training course, you will be prepared and equipped to handle any number of issues that can arise in confined spaces.


Clare Louise