Will physical schools be obsolete because of Online teaching?

Pick any popular course and interrogate about the study process. You’ll find online teaching as the most prevalent method. But when it comes to physical schools, do you think that online education will be able to suppress them? There will be different replies from every different person. No person is the same, and so differs from their perspectives. But let’s go through the research, situation and evaluate every possibility.

As we said, you can hardly find any coaching classes where teachers come to teach physically. It is the case with higher studies, but the scenario of high school is no different. Students have started taking online tuition classes. They now prefer satellite classes over physical ones. Even in many schools, you can find that teachers provide pendrive classes. They are also promoting online classes. But is it good? You think it’s okay if online classes replace physical ones?

Before we jump to any conclusion, we would like to satisfy you with the reason behind the decision. Many of you must be supporting online classes and others, might not. For those who are against online classes, here are the benefits of the same:

  • Anywhere, anytime access: These online classes have no particular time. You don’t have to postpone your urgent work because of the classes. Instead, you can finish your job and take your classes whenever you have time. Unlike physical schools, you don’t have to go anywhere to learn. Just your room, your laptop with an internet connection is all you need.
  • Travelling does not hamper studies: For online classes, you don’t have to travel anywhere. You can take your classes from home. And if you’re out on vacation and you have a fundamental class going on, you don’t have to miss it out. You can continue with your classes even on your holidays. If you are looking the best products for travelling at affordable prices, then go for online offers and deals. In this respect, hotozcoupons is awesome!
  • Saves time and money: Travelling daily costs a fortune. When you don’t need to travel, you’ll end up saving a lot of money that you would’ve spent on travelling. So, it saves money as well as your time. Save that travelling time and invest it in your studies.

These were the primary advantages of online classes. But where there are pros, there are cons too. So, there are also some disadvantages of online classes. Now those who are in complete support of online classes, here we have a list of the cons for the same:

  • No mentor: When you’re given online classes, there is nobody to guide you physically. You don’t fear anyone because you know there is no teacher. Nobody ensures whether the student is paying attention toon to the class or not. It is one of the most significant benefits of physical classes. Whenever the teacher feels that the student is not concentrating, he can immediately take the necessary steps for the same. Here, student fears teachers and take their classes nicely.
  • Discipline: Discipline is something you’re taught in schools. You cannot learn it at your house or in your online classes, where there is no one to scold you or guide you. And we all know what role discipline plays in the life of a student. If you want your child to be disciplined, make sure you send them to schools.
  • Students become careless: It’s a fact that where there is no one to scold students, they tend to lose their concentration and distract their minds. They might skip their daily classes and pile up the burden of studies. This is somehow not the case with physical schools. There are fewer chances for students losing focus and not attending their classes.

We’ve presented the pros and cons of online classes in front of you. Also, we’ve discussed the benefits of physical classes. Now it must have become even harder for you to conclude whether physical classes will become obsolete or not. But according to our research and analysis, we think that online courses are proliferating that very soon you might not find any physical schools. Physical school has its benefits that can never be provided by o line teaching. But the convenience is more in online classes. And, nowadays students want to save their time and money as much as they can. So, they’ll be in full support of the expansion of such classes. Currently, only higher studies or course studies are run online but add a few more decades, and you’ll see students completing their high schools online. We think it should not become obsolete but in future, it will!

Oswald Cassin