3 Reasons Why Schools Must Conduct Career Counselling

Schooling is a very important part of one’s life. It is that phase of our life in which we take some of the most crucial decisions, which have a long-lasting impact on our lives. It is that part of our life in which we shred our childish cocoons and fly like butterflies, into the world of confusions.

School going children are expected to make choices which would affect their career in the long run. So, it is important that the schools act as their constant companions and help them select what’s best for them.

Since the last few years, an increasing need has been felt for the schools to employ career counsellors, in order to support the students, and help them choose the best career path for them.

We caught up with the CEO of Primo Solutions, a leading career counselling company in delhi, India. According to him, following is why schools must conduct career counselling sessions.

  • To help students become self-aware
    Teenagers are immature and are not very good at decision making. They are uncertain about their skills, interests and choices. They are unsure if their aspirations and their skills/aptitude align with each other. To help them realise their true potential, it is important that they are guided by some professional, a good career counsellor, who analyses their strengths and weaknesses, making them self-aware.
  • To build an environment of trust
    The best gift any institution can give to its students is a feeling of trust and friendliness. Career decisions can be confusing, and they might not feel completely comfortable in discussing what they aspire, with their parents. Career counselling is of vital importance since helps the schools build an environment of faith and provide a platform where students can discuss and voice their concerns.
  • To help students plan in advance
    Good career counsellors identify the skills and interests of the students through a set of carefully designed personality and aptitude assessments. Once this is done, they help them attain a clarity about their goals and plan their career path accordingly. Not only do they help them choose the stream best suited for them, but also explore the opportunities waiting for them in their desired career.

School is like a second home to the students. It’s the place where they spend 14 years of their life. Since it has a huge impact on the mind frame and the thinking of the children, it is vital that the authorities help them take the right decision, and provide them all the resources they require to decide upon their career goals. This pre-planned counselling would greatly improve the current situation, where students lack clarity of mind even after their graduation.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd