Learn Korean Online: A Guide For Singaporeans

The rise of the Hallyu, or the Korean wave, led to the prevalence of K-pop groups and K-dramas. The popularity of South Korean content also resulted in the popularity of Korean food, fashion, and beauty products. But can you imagine yourself watching a K-drama or ordering a meal at a Korean restaurant without needing subtitles or translator apps? Understanding and speaking the language of the Land of the Morning Calm is possible if you learn Korean!

Thanks to modern innovations, you can now learn Korean online without leaving your home. Here’s how to study the language of your biases and oppas:

Learn The Korean History And Culture

If you learn the Korean language, you must also understand the history and way of life of the people who speak it. Doing so will allow you to appropriately use their language to express yourself and communicate with others.

Understand “Hangul”

After studying Korean history and culture, you must master Hangul or their way of writing. If you know how to write in their language, you could better understand the syllables, words, and phrases you speak. Doing so could also prepare you for the Korean proficiency test.

Practise Every Day

The phrase “practice makes perfect” will not be prevalent if untrue. If you want to be good at speaking and understanding it, you must continuously learn and recite Korean words every day until you can fluently communicate using the language.

Sign Up For Classes

Taking Korean lessons online is arguably the best way to educate and train yourself about the language. You could also receive the guidance you need by having a virtual tutor that could support you throughout your journey to mastering a new language.

Let ONLYOU Korean Language School help you understand the language of your oppas without needing subtitles! Visit their website below to learn more about their Korean lessons online.

Susan Rivera

Susan Rivera