Levitation Globe


Have a little space on your desk?

Want to add something that adds color to your boring office environment?

Then why not you go for this amazing Levitation Globe.

Get amused by this little globe as for how it defies gravity and hover in the space. It is perfect for your house, study room or your office. It is becoming very popular among people because of its exceptional design and the way it rotates without any support.

This simple table toy comes with a power cable that you just need to plug in. A delightful treat to your eyes.

The LED lights added on its metallic base illuminates the globe. This looks more beautiful, especially at night. Once placed on your table it will catch all eyes.

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The levitating globe is carefully designed to add beauty to your desk. Not only this, it also catches people eye quickly due to floating in space.

  • The globe has an extremely small diameter of 3.35 inches. Which makes it ideal for any place you want to keep it.
  • It has a magnetic base. The material is ABS.
  • The LED light are placed at the rim. These light illuminate globe when it is connected to the power outlet.
  • Power Output DC 12 V


The globe is usually appreciated due to its simple design. It usually comes with a

  • Globe
  • Magnetic Base
  • Power Cord
  • Manual


The globe can work steadily for 24 hours and 365 days as long as it is connected to the power outlet. It is made with advanced technology and contains a powerful magnet at its base and one in the globe. In order to make it work you have to find out the equilibrium point. At this point, the globe will float without any support.


Once you have unboxed the whole thing you need to connect it to the power outlet. When it is connected the LED light will turn on automatically.

Now hold the globe in your hand and move it upward. Slowly bringing it closer to the top of the base. Once you are in the right position slowly release it. If you did it correctly it will keep floating. If not then do it again?


If you want to make it work properly you have to be careful about few things:

  • Make sure the surface is flat. If the surface is not flat your globe won’t float.
  • It contains very strong magnets. So keep away all the iron objects.
  • Don’t place it near other electronic items if you don’t want them to be ruined.

This unique floating item is a delight to watch for all age groups. You can buy it with a reasonable cost of just $30.

I bet you’ll fall in love with this thing once you’ve bought it.

It has multi purposes you can either use it for your own sake or gift it to someone you know would love to have it. I don’t think if there can be a better gift than this. Its beautiful design cannot go without being noticed.

If you don’t believe me then why don’t you try yourself?

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell