Forget the Accommodation Struggles Here is a Perfect Home for You

Parents invest a lot in their children’s education and even when it means getting them abroad for studies, they will make the sacrifice. There is no doubt in the quality of top universities’ learning facilities. The top notch facilities with many state of the art features assure you of the bright future ahead. The challenge comes in the living spaces. The tales of weird roommates, dirty unfurnished rooms are among things that paint a gloomy picture to already worried students. The good news is the situation is no longer that deplorable, and some institutions actually offer ultra-modern housing facilities. These are styled to closely reflect your needs guaranteeing you a second home in campus.

Not outside of campus

If you are coming to York University then you don’t have to worry about your accommodation. There is enough housingspace with extraordinary amenities for students to stay inside the university. There are so many apartments near York University where students can stay in a relaxed manner without any issues. The campus setting ensures there is no rush for a taxi or cab to make it to class in time. The rooms are completely furnished with all kinds of amenities.

Want to make coffee?

If you enjoy taking your self-made coffee then go ahead and make a cup with cook top amenities which are available inside your room. All appliances like laundry, microwave and smart television are provided inside each room. There are 8 types of rooms available in York houses. People can choose their style and kind from a range of Canadian architecture houses. The artwork done on the outer sides of the houses is splendid and it is created just to establish a homley environment. Even dressers with a maximum of 4 drawers are available.

Lost key? Don’t worry

Lost the key for your home or left it at your friend’s place? Don’t panic.All the rooms have electronic doors which can be connected with a Near Field Communication application in your smart phone. You can open the electronic door by using the right password. If you don’t have both at the time, then the management will help you to cancel passwords and open the door for your resting place.

Roku for fun

All cable televisions are connected with where people can enjoy lots of programs from Netflix, YouTube, crackle, spotify and Cineplex store. Apart from these, there are many channels available where you can spend your free time catching up on your favorite program.

Select your room mate

There may be issues with getting paired up with a new roommate. Some people feel weird about it. With theRoomSync application you canchoose the best roommate from a social network platform. Start by creating a profile and find the right match for you. Just give a request for your roommate in order to pair up with them.

Get the room for lease and pay little deposit to have a pleasant and calm stay within the campus. Students with homes inside universities are advantaged because they don’t have to worry about running late for classes.

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina