What Is PASMA Training For?


Working at great heights is a very dangerous, though necessary, aspect of many manual jobs. It should also not be taken lightly, and requires specialist training. This is where PASMA comes in. PASMA training is an invaluable asset to have in your possession and it is a great investment to make in your employees. PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association, the recognized authority for the use of mobile access towers.The training itself deals with building competency in the use of mobile towers, aiming to improve safety, standards and best practice over a range of different sectors.

We at the Safety Maintenance Company believe quality PASMA training is an absolute necessity for all those whose work involves the use of mobile towers or working at heights in general. As such, it’s important to be fully trained and prepared for this sort of work. Observing caution when working in any potentially dangerous situation is always important, so be sure that both you and your employees are properly prepared. We have a range of PASMA courses on offer that you may wish to consider. These include: Low Level Access, Towers for Users, Working at Height Essentials, and Towers for Stairs.

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Our Combined Towers for Users & Low Level Access course will provide everything you need to ensure safety and competency when working at heights. The course features a combination of theoretical and practical training over the course of one day (although additional training dates are available on request), at any of our on-site nationwide locations. We can even bring the training to you, to train you and/or your employees on your own premises. The only thing we require from you is that you provide your own PPE – hard hats, toecap boots and high visibility vests.

All delegates will be provided with a course content and notes booklet as well as a current code of practices booklet upon attending, and will be taken through several relevant subjects. All current legislations related to tower-use and working at heights, including regulations and guidance affecting employees working from low lee access units and standard mobile access towers, will be dealt with.

The day course will allow your employees to become fully knowledgeable of the PASMA Code of Practice, culminating in a series of multi-choice questions. Successful delegates will be awarded, in the way of certification, a PASMA Photocard and certificate each valid for 5 years.

Quality PASMA training for your employees should not be neglected, as it could help prevent serious injury or even loss of life. As such, we ask that you consider your company’s needs, and its employees’ needs, carefully. Should you like to learn more about PASMA training and what it can do for you, then visit our website at www.thesmcl.co.uk. Our fully accredited organisation employs an expert team of qualified instructors who will teach you everything you need to know about everything from basic First Aid to managing your employees safely. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd