The 5 Best Tips to Prep for the GMAT Fast

The business world is a highly competitive place. Anyone planning a career in this field needs all the help they can get. One of the best ways to prepare for success in business is with the right education. An MBA or Master’s Degree in Business Administration can be an invaluable tool that helps open doors. Many master’s degrees require several things of potential applicants. One common requirement is that the applicant have a score within a certain range on the GMAT. The Graduate Management Admission Test is a test that is designed to measure an applicant’s analytical, quantitative, writing and verbal skills. For anyone planning to take this test, it is possible to prep for it even in a short period of time.

Take Advantage of Official Prep Materials

The organization that administers the test is the the Graduate Management Admissions Council. They provide applicants with all sorts of useful materials about the structure of the exam. Applicants should head to Here, they’ll find sample questions and free practice sets for all areas of the official test.

Use Other Specific Resources

In addition to the official prep materials it’s also possible to find lots of other prep resources. For example, the best GMAT prep book will have lots of lists of older test questions. The best GMAT prep book will also have levels that allow each learner to progress at their own pace. A good book will also have engaging and clear language that is easy to follow

Keep the Clock in Mind

Unlike some other standardized tests, the GMAT is a timed test. Applicants only have a limited amount of time to complete each section. It is crucial to spend time timing each section of the test before taking it. Any person who is planning to take this test should set aside enough time to complete it under real world timing conditions. Anyone who wants to study for the GMAT quickly should allow themselves enough time to complete a full set of a practice test at least once a day. Many GMAT activities have complicated steps that require a lot of attention to detail in a short period of time. The applicant who can learn to handle this requirement and pace themselves well is the applicant who will have the highest possible score on the exam when they take it.

GMAT Specific Skills

While the GMAT aims to measure an applicant’s specific skills in verbal reasoning, math, writing and analysis, it also ultimately measures the person’s ability to understand the specific skills required to do well on the test itself. For example, while many people have relied on note taking to deal with verbal tests in the past, it is best to remember that the test is timed. Understand how to reduce any note taking to a bare minimum as the test goes on. It’s also best to be aware of how to simply get mentally organized for the essay section and start writing it quickly once the test starts.

Visual Literacy is Crucial

The creators of the GMAT know the importance of properly organizing materials. To that end, they want test takers to understand it as well. Items such as graphs and charts will be on the test. Any test takers should know how to make use of them and quickly understand the material being conveyed via such visual imagery. The math and the verbal section as well the other two sections may have such images. A successful applicant knows how best to respond and respond fast.

Clare Louise