5 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave a Company & How to Retain Them?

Every company has good employees and bad employees, in other words productive and unproductive employees. If some of your employees are not worthy or deserving enough to begin with, then you should fire them anyway and find the best talents for those roles. The same applies to any employee who is consciously under delivering or is simply not a fit for your organization, whether owing to the way they work or their professionalism and spirit. The trouble isn’t with undesirable or bad employees. There are many ways to deal with them. The real challenge for most companies is to retain the good employees.

More often than not, it is the good employees that leave a company. It is the good employees that are always looking out for more rewarding opportunities and they do get better offers in most cases. There are reasons why good employees leave a company and addressing those can help you to retain them.

  • One of the most common reasons why good employees leave a company is bad management. It is not the senior management in typical scenarios. It is the immediate boss, the manager or supervisor whom the good employees report to. Good employees know their job, they deliver and they don’t fool around. They would not like to work under someone who is less knowledgeable, not professional enough or simply an idle bystander who gets to dictate terms to others without doing much work themselves or contributing anything substantial.
  • Good employees work hard and they want to be rewarded. The reward can be purely financial or worthwhile recognition. The best approach is to have some financial rewards and then some recognition. Neither substitutes the significance of the other. Innumerable companies across industries fail to recognize the contribution of good employees and they start to resent the company & its management for that.
  • Good employees want a lucid path of career progression. No educated and skilled individual in the world will keep working relentlessly, with unwavering dedication and commitment, without knowing how they would progress from their present role to a better role. Similar to rewards, career progression is about finance and recognition. It is never an either or scenario for the best employees. Monetary appraisals over the years without change in profile would not help to retain good employees, nor would promotions with a cosmetic upgrade of profile but without any financial gains.
  • Good employees have their own reasons to be motivated, committed and dedicated. They don’t want to be drawn into corporate politics and bureaucracy. They would suffocate in a work environment where there is excessive rumor mongering, backstabbing, favoritism or unfair treatments, sabotage and relentless politicking.
  • Good employees don’t like to invest their time and effort into meaningless work. They put their heart and soul, blood and sweat into things that matter. It can be inexplicably disappointing for them to learn that their efforts and time have been futile for the work they did had little or no worthwhile consequence.

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