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Executive assistant jobs have evolved over time and have become more attractive with each passing day. The economy is improving and is far from where it was five years ago. Though there are more jobs than in previous years, some career sectors remain very competitive. Within the administrative field, the position of executive assistant is scarce. Only those who have perfected their executive assistant resume will land one of these coveted and powerful spots that command an excellent salary. Executive Assistant jobs are coming highly lucrative and more sought after by the day.

Required training for executive assistant jobs

To be an ideal candidate for the executive assistant job, you need to equip yourself with the right kind of training. You should find a trainer that is internationally recognised and has the accreditation by the CPD Standards Institute. Look for a trainer that has experience in providing training in other administrative roles such as management assistants and PAs to gain an international qualification and the skills needed to launch their careers. Go for a trainer that offers high-level training in finance, financial English and business English. Experienced accountants, bankers and English teachers, to ensure that candidates gain the skills needed in the workplace, mostly deliver these courses. These skills always come in handy when looking for the ideal executive assistant job in the Netherlands.

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What is the Executive Assistant job all about?

Going by the job title description, an executive assistant is one who provides administrative support to a person at the executive level within a company. This kind of service could be offered to individuals or an organization. The assistant is often provided with huge amounts of confidential information that may not be strictly work-related. The person on the job often makes social arrangements for their bosses and may even run personal errands. The scope of this job often extends beyond the doors of the office.

Souters is a specialist in Executive Assistant training in the Netherlands and the UK, all of the courses are CPD Accredited and Certificated on successful completion. The training programmes in the Netherlands offer candidates the opportunity to gain professional skills that can be used in a commercial English-speaking environment.

Applicants for the executive assistant position should emphasis their technical, accounting, and assertive skills in their resume or cover letter. You also need to remember that good decision-making is also required, so providing an example of this within previous employment is recommended.

It is also crucial to note that an effective executive assistant should be able to take a very generic instruction and work independently or with a project team to bring the idea to fruition. Showing how this was done in the past will convince a prospective employer that the person is an excellent candidate. The training provided by Souters in the Netherlands is aimed at preparing individuals for the right executive assistant jobs – with training in wide range of courses in MS Office that are fully accredited. You can get the best executive assistant training that will prepare you for the job, by simply visiting Souters at http://www.souters.nl/

Harold Todd

Harold Todd