How to improve your English writing skills

You may be insanely good when it comes to conversational English and quite weak when you have to write in English. That is normal, as English spelling is quite tricky and sometimes hard to understand. Any written work is much more challenging when just talking in this marvelous language. Moreover, when talking, some Language mistakes are just overlooked.

It may look that it is a real challenge for you to improve your writing skills. Usually, it worth every single hour spend on this. Writing well in English can bring you a lot of interesting and new job opportunities and lots of new friends. If these are your thoughts, you are just on the right page. Here you’ll find some genuine advice on how to improve your writing skills quickly, by going the fun way.Image result for How to improve your English writing skills

Take some English courses

By attending English Language classes, you’ll learn grammar at its highest. By studding tenses, topic, punctuation – you’ll observe serious improvement.

No matter in which country or city you live. There is a lot of English Language Centers all around the city. You just have to take advantage of studding in a pleasant and highly efficient atmosphere.

Read more in English

People often say it: you learn to write best by reading. So, it can sound a bit out of fashion for you. But there is such a powerful truth in this words. Reading the books and articles what you are interested in, you keep taking notices about the writing styles of different authors.

Another advantage of reading in English is that it enhances your vocabulary significantly. When reading different words for the first time, you can look in a dictionary and note for yourself the meaning of that word. By doing this, you’ll remember the spelling as well because you use your photographic memory.

Use a Spell Checker

If you are using a computer when writing in English, try installing a spell checker. There are lots of free spell checkers that worth it. In such a way, you ensure an excellent spelling for every sentence you post online and great exercising for yourself. Anytime the spell checker corrects you, take your time to read about every error and try to remember the correct form.

Exercise your writing skills

A quite important thing to be done when trying to improve writing skills is to practice a lot. You can learn swimming without getting into the water. You can try some dictation exercises online. That could be incredibly entertaining and will teach you a lot. Our advice is to focus hardly on spelling and punctuation.

Writing essays and chatting in English is another excellent way of exercising. The more hours you spend writing in English, the sooner you’ll achieve the proficient level in writing.

English is not an easy language. Tons of rules and exception can confuse you. But neither is it too hard that somebody goal-oriented and high-aimed could handle studding it. English is not an easy language. There are tons of rules and exception that can confuse you. But neither is it too hard that somebody goal-oriented and high-aimed could handle studding it.

Oswald Cassin