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All of us do indeed love a bit of drama. Entertainment is what helps us maintain our sanity in the midst of our hectic and exhausting daily routines. It helps us explore our emotions and skills and is a doorway to our world of fantasies and imagination. It is proven that dramas and movies are a type of art that helps reduce stress levels and restore peace of mind in humans. It is also an extremely exciting source of entertainment, from the adrenaline rush when your favourite action movie is on, to the increasing heart rate due to one of the most frightening horror movies, to the tears rolling down your cheeks when your favourite character dies or the sense of laughter for the silliest joke you have ever heard, movies and dramas provide it all. And iQIYI Video on Android, ensures an incredible streaming experience of all its viewers on one platform.

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People nowadays have an extremely busy schedule and socialising with friends and family has been entirely neglected due to this. But with the streaming opportunity provided by iQIYI Video, it is now possible to watch your favourite dramas and movies together with your loved ones from anywhere you are for absolutely free. It consists of popular Asian dramas and movies where it gives you the chance to keep up with the latest and hottest shows. It is not only us adults, but also for your kids to keep themselves entertained with the newest and coolest cartoons and anime shows. Restoring some family time at home would be extremely precious and valuable. The unlimited number of shows on this single platform never fails to amuse its viewers with fabulous content as always.

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Best Asia Dramas and Movies app for Android

With iQIYI Video, you also do not have to worry about running out of data as it consists of features that help you save data while enjoying streaming in full HD smoothly. It also includes multiple features to optimise and enhance your watching experience. Its multilingual feature accommodates the needs of all viewers across the globe giving equal opportunity while providing a guaranteed easy, simple, and fun time. So, it is definitely up to you to explore your inner most fantasies and engage in exciting entertainment with all your loved ones anywhere and anytime in one single bewildering platform. If it is entertainment time, grab your popcorn and sit tight, because iQIYI Video is prepared to provide you a lifetime streaming experience of your favourite and most wanted dramas and movies right here!

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