Skills for the Future

Chennai is home to the oldest technical institutions in India, which is proof that for a long time it has been a hub of technical evolution in India. There are numerous technical jobs in Chennai that cater to the needs of a variety of job seekers. It not only has jobs that utilize legacy technology but also those that deploy the most advanced and futuristic technologies. We have collated a list of skills for future jobs that we think will prove invaluable to job seekers.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is an emerging field that involves the interpretation of data for commercial use. Such interpretation is essential for digital marketers and e-commerce companies. Therefore, acquiring skills to track, measure, and utilize data can prove to be a very beneficial skill for the future.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is similar to data analytics but is significantly different from it because you not only have to understand the data but also have to make it understandable to novices as well as experts. Data visualization is done by presenting the data in a visual format so that trends, patterns, and correlation can be emphasized.

AI Development

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is perhaps the key to the future. If you have a knack to implant human wisdom into a machine, then this field is for you. There is a huge demand for people who can contribute to this advanced field of technology, and there are also numerous courses available. The best part about AI is that almost all the major players in technology have engaged themselves with AI, and there is an abundance of jobs.

Programming Language

It is perhaps the oldest and yet most sought-after skills in the tech industry. Programming languages such as C, C#, and Java have been at the core of several tech startups as well as established tech giants. The higher number of programming languages you know, the better chances you have of attracting some of the best employers.  

VR & AR Development

Just like AI, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are technologies that will dominate in the future. Those who acquire VR and AR skills will certainly have a bright career in industries such as design, construction, healthcare, and education

Database Management

This is one traditional skill that doesn’t seem to fade away in the near future. Organizations are always on the lookout for someone with a good knowledge of database management. However, you will have to have a command over more than one database management system if you want a secure and prospering career in the future.


This is one of the newer technologies, which doesn’t offer many jobs as of now. However, considering the fact that this technology was invented for the cryptocurrency bitcoin, its immense potential should not be overlooked.

The requirement of knowledgeable people in the above skills is increasingly high. The sooner you start working on them, the better chances you have of mastering them. Moreover, remember that those who never stop learning become successful professionals and lead a happier and more content life.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd