What to Consider When Choosing a Chinese Tuition Centre

There are various considerations to think about before enrolling your child in a Chinese tuition centre. Of course, the needs of your child should take precedence. If your child is struggling with the language, it is best to choose a teacher with a demonstrated track record of teaching pupils of all levels, from primary to secondary level Chinese. Your tutor should be able to give you an estimate of the material’s level of difficulty so you can judge how successful the teacher will be.

Size of Class

First, consider the centre’s class size. A decent centre will have a maximum of 10 pupils; however, other centres may not have any restrictions. A big class size means that your child will receive less individual attention, and it is doubtful that your child will obtain answers to their queries. Make sure the teacher is knowledgeable and experienced enough to address your queries. A teacher should also be able to assist your child with homework and assignment completion.


Another critical element to consider is the price. Chinese tuition may be rather pricey. Furthermore, it is advisable to choose a centre with a flexible schedule. The fees range from S$150 and S$2,000. An excellent tuition centre should be able to accommodate your financial situation. Furthermore, the teacher should have a track record of successfully teaching Chinese. It should be adaptable enough to fit your child’s schedule.

Quality of Education

Aside from the cost, another significant consideration is the quality of the classes. A reputable centre should provide excellent instruction. A Chinese instructor should be able to offer a thorough course that will assist your child in improving her speaking abilities. You’ll discover how to make the most of your classroom time during a lesson. Furthermore, you will have several opportunities to connect with the instructor and other students. Chinese Tuition in Singapore can assist your child in preparing for the several future tests necessary in Singapore, in addition to learning the language.

Registration with MOE

Finally, a Chinese tutoring centre must be registered with the Ministry of Education. The government regulates MOE guidelines that each school must follow. You should not send your child to a centre that is not registered. You should also be worried about the quality of instruction and your children’s safety. A good Chinese tutoring centre will provide you with a Chinese version of the textbook. This way, your child will be able to speak with people while learning Mandarin from a textbook.

As mentioned previously, a Chinese tutoring centre must be registered with the MOE. To qualify, educational centres must have at least 10 pupils. They are probably functioning illegally if they do not have this registration. Therefore, they should not be permitted to teach Chinese to youngsters since it is unlawful. If your child does not choose to learn Mandarin, they should enrol in a Chinese language school. It is not a complex language to learn if you have a motivated instructor who is genuinely concerned about your child’s progress.

Paul Petersen