7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Direct Selling Industry

The direct selling industry sometimes times gets a bad rap; however, there are many things the direct selling industry is doing right that would-be entrepreneurs can learn a lot from. After all, the most successful representatives in the direct selling industry started off looking to make a little bit of extra money, but transformed their side job into a career bringing in income that would put many top company executives to shame.

There is a lot to be said for the things the direct selling industry excels at, and leaders in the business world should take notice and consider implementing these practices and mindsets in their own craft.

1. Commit to Your Business Completely

When you think about the people you know, it’s probably pretty easy to identify someone who works for a direct selling company—they are enthusiastic about their business and want to talk about it with everyone they meet. This is because they have made a complete commitment to their business. The most successful direct sellers give their business everything they’ve got and are rewarded accordingly.Image result for 7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Direct Selling Industry

2. Know Your Product Inside and Out

To attract clients and make sales, direct sellers, like those working for ASEA or ACN, must know their products inside and out. These representatives regularly use the products they sell and thus can share their own personal experiences of how the product has affected them and changed their life for the better. They have a passion for what they’re selling, and that passion and commitment to the product are obvious to everyone around them.

3. Networking is Key

Although almost everyone these days knows and understands the importance of networking regardless of what industry they work in, direct selling representatives work harder than most to perfect this art. In the direct selling industry, networking is the only way representatives can build their business and find success, so as a result, direct sellers are constantly networking. They talk about their business with everyone they meet, without prejudice, thinking of every person they come in contact with as a potential collaborator who can help them grow their business.

4. Establish Trust

Direct sellers are constantly establishing relationships and building upon them to create strong bonds that ultimately lead to repeat customers and steady growth. At the foundation of these relationships is trust: trust that you (and your product) will follow through on promises made. Additionally, offering in-person support and guidance helps foster that trust. People will always want to do business with someone they know and trust who will cater to their needs.  

5. Be Confident and Fearless

Direct sellers are fearless in the way they talk about their products and their business. When you’re confident in who you are and what you’re doing, people gravitate toward you, making it much easier to make sales and build your business.Be brave, be bold, and be fearless—if you really want to be successful, you can’t be afraid to fail or hear the word no.

6. Through the Bad and the Good: Stay Positive

A positive attitude can carry you a long way in business, and direct sellers preach positivity. Finding success means taking chances, and taking chances inevitably leads to failure and rejection at one time or another. However, it’s through these failures that you learn your most valuable lessons that will yield the greatest success. Never lose sight of your goals, celebrate even the smallest victories, and maintain your passion for the job.

7. Never Give Up

Successful direct sellers never give up. They push through their selling slumps and work hard to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. Direct selling, and entrepreneurship, is not for the faint of heart. No matter how hard it gets, you must never give up.

Advice for Business, Advice for Life

Although direct selling may not be the right fit for everyone, there is a lot entrepreneurs can learn from the direct selling industry. Whether it’s the positive message, dogged determination, or unflinching commitment to a product, direct selling could be the key for entrepreneurs to unlock their own success, in business and in life.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd