Study and Exam Tips to Pass the PHR Test

For many people, getting a PHR or Professional in Human Resources certificate is a professional achievement. The certificate is issued by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). The certificate indicates that the person obtains the practical experience and theoretical knowledge in human resource management essential to clear a PHR test.

There are multiple numbers of organizations present who provide study materials, PHR practice test paper, and online courses to help candidates. Here are the tips that can work for you to achieve your goals.

Prefer at least one study guide

The PHR study materials cost around $800 to $1200 which is cheap as compare to the full-time course. You can get enough material from study guide which is sufficient to pass the test. Ask your seniors or guides what type of study material is good for this exam. And also electronic versions of much book are available online.

Time is of the essence

You will require absorbing a lot of information associated to this exam. Try out to complete all the required material before a week of the exam, so that you need to only memorize and reinforce law details and such. It’s recommended to study solid three months to avoid last minute hassles. Start with the most basic information and re-read your book for better understanding.

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Take as many online practice test as possible

One of the easiest ways to start your studying process is to determine what the syllabus of for the exam is. Make a list of topics that covering the test. If you have complete focus on the main material that is required to study, you won’t lose track. Try to solve previous years PHR practice test papers to get the idea of the question type. Solving practice exam questions can really help you a lot.

Create a study plan

Firstly, determine what time suits you and your mood. If you study better at night or during the day, stick to this routine. Create logical study sections and start from the beginning until you reach end. Limit your study time to one hour at a time. Take small tea or snack break between each hour of study. It will help you to concentrate more on studies.

Choose wisely your study space

The effectiveness of your influences and efforts are greatly affected by your study space. Choose a location that helps in achieving highest concentration level and promotes the ability to focus. Keep your study space organized, clean, and neat.

Avoid using electronic devices

To concentrate for long hours, it’s suggested to turn off all the electronic devices that you use frequently. These devices eat your precious time by incoming calls, notifications, messages, and of course the social media.

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

It’s very important to get sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours. Your body requires a peaceful sleep at night that helps to empower your concentration and memory skills. Night before your exam, your mental state needs to be on point, so it’s also recommended to get a good and tight sleep.

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell