Advantages of Taking the Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam

Making progress in the IT world means that you are willing to accept that you do not know everything. Being an IT professional means that you are accepting the need to take different examinations and gain new certifications every year. The IT world is constantly changing, with new technologies meaning businesses and organizations have new needs. And IT professionals must keep up with those needs. That is why examinations such as the CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0) test are so crucial towards making progress in this profession. Here are some advantages of taking this Cisco 200-125 exam.

  1. More Pay

An examination that tests network fundamentals and LAN switching technologies, along with other topics, is a great way for an IT professional to get a bump in salary. If you are working a job for a major organization and you believe they need a professional who can handle skills such as network infrastructure, IPv4, IPv6 and WAN, then you may want to take this exam. Your employers would be impressed at your initiative, and you would surely find yourself with a new position and a better pay in the coming months.

  1. Improving Your Skillset

Taking a new exam is not just about boosting your pay. That is a byproduct. The main goal is always to improve your skillset. An IT professional who knows more is valuable to a company, and that person will always have an easier time staying in a job. With this examination, you are being tested in so many different topics. Network fundamentals, LAN switching tech, routing and WAN tech, infrastructure security and management, and other topics are tested. You would be building your knowledgebase, and it would make you an invaluable member of any company’s IT team.

  1. More Attractive to New Employers

Maybe you are not happy with your current job, and you want to find a better position. Acing the 200-125 exam would give you a chance to find a better job with more pay. You could even move to a different part of the country with your skillset.

The best part about studying for such an exam is that you are not even going to need to put in a ton of work. If you know some of the material already, you just need to study the rest. And then you can use exam dump sites such as CertLibrary, and you will be golden.

Using exam sites is so useful because you are getting access to sample questions and past tests. For instance, CertLibrary has more than 650 exam questions from the 200-125 exam available. A few of these sample questions are available for free, but you will have to pay for the rest. If you are planning on taking the test in the coming months, we believe that is a price worth paying. You would have such a huge advantage heading into the exam, and we believe that you would ace it on your very first try.

Andrew Williams