Be Your Own Boss With These Career Ideas

Not every job requires you to answer to a boss on a 9-5 basis. There are creative ways that you could use the skills you have to build your own business from the bottom up and become a successful self-employed entrepreneur. This route often takes more diligence and perseverance than the average career path, but it can definitely pay off. Consider any of these job ideas if you want the chance to be your own boss in the future.


A creative job like carpentry certainly requires some training, but it’s not the kind of career where you’ll need to show up to a 9-5 and sign contracts with employers. After learning the ropes in apprenticeships and gaining a certificate 3 in carpentry, many new carpenters choose to start their own business and build a loyal client base instead of joining a larger company. Many self-employed carpenters find that it’s best to find a niche in the industry to specialise in so they can market themselves well and find customers who are looking for their specific services.


Those who have a natural talent for writing can often find ways to earn money on a freelance, self-employed basis. There are plenty of opportunities out there for talented writers, whether you want to provide copywriting services for advertising agencies or take a chance in the creative field of fiction writing to get your own work published. Creating a successful freelance writing career can certainly take time and you may need to begin by offering lower rates until you have a certain number of happy clients who are willing to pay more, but it’s a great opportunity for creative thinkers who want make the most of their passion for wordplay.

Handyman Work

One of the most traditional be-your-own-boss career ideas out there is the role of the handyman. No longer monopolised by the males of the world, these days anyone with the right tools and a knack for fixing up a range of household problems can pitch themselves as a handyman in their local community and earn an honest living. You’ll need to market yourself effectively to get the word out about your services and then use word of mouth referrals to spread the news about your skills.


Many parents out there are more comfortable sending their little ones to a small, home-based day care service than to a larger nursery school where their child may not get the kind of attention they deserve. If you’re trained in early childhood education or have a similar qualification and are able to get the necessary licensing in your state, starting your own childcare business from home is a great way to have fun playing with kids all day while building your own potentially lucrative business.

Personal Trainer

For those with a love for all things health and fitness, starting a personal training business is an obvious entrepreneurial idea. You may have to link up with a gym at first to connect with your client base, but many trainers find that they’re able to move on to form their own brand and business once they have a solid foundation of happy, healthy clients. With the right training you could make a career out of the hobby you love.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd