Explained in Detail: Roles and Responsibilities of Back Office Jobs

There are variegated positions in a corporate company that helps in the incorporation of all three tiers of management in an effective way. Back office work executives are considered as the backbone of business as they enable a free flow of company operation on a daily basis. The back end department is not responsible to face the clients directly but it supports the front office to carry out client based operations smoothly.

If you are looking for back office jobs in Mumbai, you need to understand the requirements, roles and responsibilities and set your resume accordingly. As a back office employee you will have to run through various administrative posts including the management of important data, managing phone calls and tackling the everyday office faxes. To discover more about the back office jobs in Mumbai, keep reading the article till the end. Click here to find back office jobs in Mumbai.

Duties and Responsibilities of Back Office Executives in Mumbai

The most important tier of business management are the executives, who administers the functioning and daily running of a company using their knowledge and skills. When we talk about the back office jobs in Mumbai, the back office executives have a different location away from the headquarters. The back office personnel receive the work that is being outsourced by the contractors, investors, outside countries or local consultants.

Listed below in pointers are the roles and responsibilities of a back office personnel, following which you can easily fetch back office jobs in Mumbai.

  1. To assist the functioning of the sales team and marketing team.
  2. Carry out some important administrative functions and also support the core staff.
  3. To run through the updates and carry out meticulous marketing research to catch on with the latest developments.
  4. Supporting the front office staff to upkeep the everyday operations, office premises, managing the event schedules, and setting up meetings and appointments.
  5. To draft a perfect sheet of customer balances and reconciliation accounts of a particular customer.
  6. Back the core sales department to manage the documentation process of the client’s account.
  7. To do a documentation procedure and report the daily performance or discrepancies to the marketing department.
  8. Drafting reports based on competitor product analysis.
  9. To check and correct the inadvertent errors in the customer account balances.
  10. Keep a regular track of products ordered by the company employees and its usage chronologically.
  11. Assisting the HR in carrying out interview sessions.
  12. To ensure that office faxes and phone calls are responded with no delay or postponement. In all to maintain a perfect balance in the functioning of the company.
  13. Watch over the products bought in the company and take cognizance in case the equipment displays some flaw or malfunctions or gets damaged.
  14. To make optimal use of the technology in the managerial functions and keep the company stocked with the required amount of office hauls.
  15. Last but not the least to train the newly appointed employee or interns about the back end position and terminate their service if necessary.


While you search for back office jobs in Mumbai, make sure that you have the required skills and professional ethics to fulfill the requirements of a company and impress the interviewer. The five prudent fields where you can apply for back office jobs in Mumbai are:

  • Human resources
  • Operations
  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Compliance

They carry out important business functions like: processing, data management, market research, analysis, and accounting and finance (based on the divisions mentioned above). Not only this, they also carry out their operations in major industries of: healthcare, banking, analytical, market research, insurance, sales and marketing. With a salary slab of INR 8000 to 1,500,000, this has become one of the most sought out jobs in Mumbai till date.

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell