How is IELTS Life Skills Tests Done?

British Council uses expert recommendations on how to get ready for the Life Skills examination. To make certain the most effective chance of conference visa needs, we recommend examination takers to familiarize themselves extensively with the examination initially. Use this page to discover whatever you need to understand about IELTS Life Skills examinations as well as formats.

IELTS Life Skills examination layout

There are 3 Life Skills examinations offered:

  • IELTS Life Skills: A1 Talking as well as Paying Attention
  • IELTS Life Skills: A2 Talking as well as Listening
  • IELTS Life Abilities: B1 Talking and Listening

Each examination represents Level A1, A2, or B1 of the CEFR; the inside acknowledged guidelines for determining language capability.

Life Skills examinations have two parts. In the very first part of the examination, you will be anticipated to ask as well as answer questions on familiar topics. The second part of the examination is a mixed listening and speaking task.

What will you have to do?

All Life Skills examination takers will be asked to finish a job used a CD. When you finish the task, you’ll be evaluated on your capability to listen for both the basic meaning and detail. You will state your answers, although you can make notes theoretically while you listen to the CD.

Following this task, you will be asked to discuss a motif related to what you have actually paid attention to on the CD.

For people taking the IELTS Life Abilities B1 degree, there is an additional job where you will intend an activity with the other examination taker.

How will I be analyzed?

You will be assessed on 4 crucial language abilities:

  • getting details.
  • conveying details.
  • speaking to interact.
  • engaging in discussion.

Sometimes during the test, you will be allowed to remember to prepare your answers. The inspector will not note your notes, only your talking and paying attention abilities will be marked.

If you want to learn more about the A2 English test fee, please visit the page.

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell