Important Steps To Becoming A Real Estate Agent

If you dream of becoming successful one day in the world of real estate, there are a lot of important steps to take before that dream can become a reality. It requires a mix of getting the right education under your belt with finding an established broker to help you get started in the game the right way. You will also need to pass both state and national exams in order to be able to be a real estate agent legally. There are many other steps to becoming an agent in real estate as well. Below are some of the more important steps to starting your career in the real estate field.

Get Your Education

It doesn’t matter which state you reside and want to work in, you are going to need to take some pre-licensing courses. However, each state will have different requirements such as the amount of course hours needed in order to pass. In addition, some real estate agencies will also have their own set of requirements in regards to educationĀ  before they will consider hiring you. When looking for a real estate school Las Vegas, be sure they offer all of the required courses you need to be hired with the agency you want to work for. Always choose a reputable school to take your classes with such as the school found at

Find A Brokerage Firm

The brokerage firm is the company or office in which real estate agents work from. It is required that a real estate agent work with a broker in order to be legal. You should contact brokerage offices you are interested in before you finish your training courses. Brokers have around three more years of additional real estate training and courses than basic agents. They can work with you and guide you through any questions you have when you first begin your real estate career. They can work with you through the process of listing and selling your first homes. When looking to work with a brokerage company, think about their reputation, size and if they offer additional training. You can look up brokerage offices online to see if they have a lot of customer complaints against them.

Build Portfolio

Once you have completed all of the necessary training and passed all of your state and national real estate exams, you can start to build your client and referral portfolio. There are a couple ways in which to begin building your portfolio. You can use your own personal network or use a mentor. For many new real estate agents, the best way for a new real estate agent to build their portfolio is to find a mentor in your new brokerage company and let them guide you to buying and selling homes until you get comfortable with the process. When doing this, you will most likely be splitting your commissions with your mentor in return for the valuable guidance and help building your portfolio.

When you decide to become a real estate agent, you will find that it is very similar to starting your own small business. Even though you will be working with a broker, you are going to need to have a startup fund to cover your business expenses of expanding your portfolio and gaining clients.

Clare Louise