Paralegals: promote justice and equality

Lack of legal awareness among the small communities is very minimal. Whether or not it is realized that the legal awareness possessed by the small community is experiencing legal problems due to its ignorance.  In dealing with the problem, paralegals have an important function in helping small communities to deal with legal issues such as land evictions. This is because the ignorant small communities will lose their shelter and livelihoods in which most of them work as small farmers.

 The profession of paralegal is a coronation or gift for those who have particularity in a particular field, where those who have understood the issues in their field. Paralegal is an unlicensed profession whereby paralegal acts to carry out advocacy work both legal and non-legal in solving a problem. The functions and roles include providing legal assistance to the justice seeking community, strengthening community organizations, conducting investigations / monitoring of a case, documenting the law (chronology of a case, gathering evidence and recording the history of community lands) and reporting -reporting.

Paralegals also often conduct studies in resolving the problem .The important task of this paralegal is very noble because the problems encountered with the public are at stake with the interests of the capitalists.  Many often assume that paralegals are the same as advocates because they have similarities in their actions and functions. But there are differences between an advocate and paralegal professional.

Advocate must have a law degree to become one whilst the paralegal is not limited about what scholars are being explored, which is the most important goal to help the affected small community because of legal ignorance.  From this it can be concluded that paralegal is not a legal profession but paralegal can go to the legal profession category especially in the field of advocacy through strengthened legislation. Namely to seek legal assistance to the paralegal who in fact has knowledge in the field of law and able to accompany those who seek justice in obtaining protection and legal law.

If you are a paralegal hoping to get membership in national professional organization, do some research to see what kind of associations are local to your area.National organizations will likely have state and regional group meetings in your area, or an area nearby. Talk to other paralegals for an entry level paralegal jobs in your area to see if they have a professional membership in one of these organizations. Ask about benefits for professional development and training organizations offer. If you are just entering a career as a paralegal or training only at the beginning of a career, see if a professional subscription can help you in your career plans. Perhaps an organization that offers various networks or work job boards notice would be of benefit to someone trying to break into the field. That would be like having an insider pulling for you. In addition, if you are a student to enter the field paralegal program, a national organization might be able to hook you up with a scholarship award or other financial information to help you complete the workout. Contact all paralegal organizations you can find to see if they have specific information that might help you along the path of legal career.

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina