Peter Loftin – All you needed to know about him

Peter Loftin is a noted name in the business circles of the United States of America (USA) having founded Business Telecom Inc., one of the most prominent telecommunications organizations in the country. He has also served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Business Telecom. Over the years, Loftin has made his mark by sharing his wealth with others. He has done this by taking part in a wide range of volunteer service programs. His donations have always been significant as well. Loftin has also been a major patron of arts in the region, something that differentiates him from so many other members of his fraternity.

BTI Center for Performing Arts

In his role as an art patron Peter Loftin has built BTI Center for Performing Arts at Raleigh, North Carolina. This can indeed be termed the biggest ever contribution made to this city in the field of arts. The center happens to be the largest venue of its kind in Washington District of Columbia (DC) and Tampa, Florida. The founder of BTI has also been a major supporter of North Carolina Police Athletic League as well as North Carolina Museum of Science.

Charitable acts

Peter Loftin owns Club Casa Casuarina at Miami, which happens to be one of the top private clubs in the South Beach area. On a number of occasions, he has opened the doors of the venue for a slew of events that have been of great benefit to at least 30 charitable entities in said area. This shows that he is one person for whom business is not just a way to create more wealth for oneself but also to give back to the community as and when may be possible. He has also been on the National Board of Governors of The American National Red Cross after the tragic events of 9/11.

He has also made a significant amount of contributions to charities that work for the benefit of veterans in the USA. Loftin is one of the prominent donors to the Special Operations Fund that takes care of college funding for the wards of Tier 1 soldiers who have passed away. He also supports the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville in North Carolina. He also started a program at BTI whereby specially abled people in the schools of rural North Carolina can access internet for free. This is why the state disability association has awarded BTI Corporate Citizen of the Year Award.

Loftin has always been interested in helping children right from the time when he in his twenties. At that time he had set up Coats for Kids, a program whereby needy children were given coats in winter. He also built Camp BTI for the various girls and boys clubs in the country. He also carried out a program named Loftin’s 2-on-2, a basketball competition that ran throughout Atlanta. Loftin has also been assisting Oak Ranch Facility for Troubled Teens as well as the famous Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.         

Harold Todd

Harold Todd