PLAY Preschool Silverlake – Setting Up the Class for New Pre-School Teachers

If you are a new pre-school teacher and scheduled to take your first class, you need to know how to set up the classroom on the first day. You need to make the class warm and inviting for your little learners. Nice earth tones and natural light can transform any classroom no matter how small or big it is.

PLAY Preschool Silverlake is a credible name for young learners in Los Angeles in the USA. The experienced teachers here say that you should make the classroom comfortable for your learners. One of the best seating arrangements for your class is to arrange the seats in a circle. You should assign one seat to your children and tell them to sit there every day. The kids can see one another, and you can know who is absent or present in class.

Keep a separate space for reading and writing

This space is one area of the classroom that toddlers often love. It also serves as a welcoming area for them when they come into the classroom. You can place a bookshelf with a good collection of children’s books for young learners to read. Picture books work well with preschoolers.

Space for playing with toys for the kids

This is a space where young children can sit and play with toys. Plastic containers are ideal for keeping the toys in one place. You can place them in different bright colors. You can decorate the walls with posters made by the kids. Watercolor art posters are popular for preschooler classrooms.

Provide a learning environment that is cozy and fun

You should have the goal of giving your students a cozy environment. You keep an area for activities for dancing and singing. The space should be open with no obstacles so students can dance freely. The classroom should be beautiful for young learners’ love to come to every day.

The attention span of young learners is short. You need to ensure each space of the class is utilized. This keeps them interesting in learning, and you will not find it challenging to manage them in groups. You can change the posters on the wall weekly and rearrange the seating arrangements after a month. Decorating the class with the work of children keeps them motivated. When you change the posters, you get every child the chance to put up their work on the wall. Little ones are happy when they see their class decorated with their work.

The teachers at PLAY Preschool Silverlake say preschoolers need to carry out many activities on their own in class. One of the best ones is to learn to write their names. They generally get to know how to write their names by the age of 3 to 4 years old. Your classroom should have space for writing activities and drawing. Keep color pencils and crayons handy so that preschoolers can use their imagination to color and draw together.

Minnie Medina

Minnie Medina