Problem Solved: Let Your Kids Learn How To Swim!

Everyone would agree they have an embarrassing moment in their life that they do not want others to know, let alone remember. In my case, that would be related to swimming. When I was young, my parents could not afford to sign me up for swimming lessons in Singapore.

Remembering My Embarrassing Memories

While I do not have a bad feeling about what happened, deep in my heart, I wish I did attend swimming classes. I thought that if I had learned how to swim, I would not be drowning in front of many people.

It might be embarrassing to say, but I was an outcast when I was young. Many people my age back then excluded me from everything. When they tried to let me participate, you could expect they had something prepared to embarrass me again. I must say that my younger self was a fool for believing they had changed.

I knew that coming from a low-income family set me apart from everyone else, so I avoided socialising with my peers after I drowned. As my parents wanted me to, I studied hard. It helped me have a brighter future now, providing things to my child that I could never have when I was younger.

Besides enrolling my child in the best school, I also wanted them to learn various skills they may use in the future. But before I do anything, I always ask my child. After all, it will be their life, and I do not want them to do something against their will.

How I Prepared My Child For Swimming Classes

After I asked the child whether or not they wanted to attend swimming classes, my husband and I took a lot of time searching for the right swimming institution. We decided that apart from relying on a swimming instructor with a swimming certificate in SIngapore, we should still be there for our child.

Our presence alone can provide enough support so they can learn how to swim comfortably. Nevertheless, here are the other things we did to help prepare our child.

  • Visit The Swimming Institution

My child’s eyes sparkle as soon as they see how big the swimming pool is and how many children are learning how to swim. At the end of the day, my child never stops talking about the swimming institution.

  • Meet And Greet The Instructor

The following day, we met and greeted the swimming instructor. My husband and I wanted our kid to get acquainted with them first.

  • Try The Free Swimming Trial 

After meeting the swimming instructor, our child tried the free swimming trial. No matter how hard it was trying to imitate other students, our child couldn’t stop smiling that day.

Do I Recommend Enrolling Your Child/Children To The Swim Starter? 

In my opinion, you should. My child learned how to swim in various styles, thanks to the swimsafer test conducted at each stage. You can expect that your child will master a particular swimming style before learning the next one.

Try the free trial offered by The Swim Starter to determine whether you would want to enrol your child there for their swimming classes. 

Clare Louise