The Lucrative Side of a Truck Driver Job

Statistical studies say that driving trucks is one of the fastest growing occupations that include a large number of job opportunities every year. As per the American Trucking Association (ATA) in the US, about 70% of the internal freight is transported with the help of trucks. From company to company, you would find many variations in the job concerning the working hours, earnings, quality of equipment to be operated, total number of night shifts, etc., hence, you should spend some time in deciding what suits you and apply accordingly.

The Employment Opportunities

Currently in the US, there is a shortage of people having the required qualification for the job of truck driver. With the companies actively hiring new drivers, this gap in demand and supply is continuously increasing. By 2025, the number of vacancies is expected to reach about 170,000. This shortage in supply has therefore increased the potential of earning for the existing drivers. CRST Expedited has raised the pay by 15% for drivers who have undergone proper training and hold a CDL. While most truck drivers look for employment in the metropolitan areas along the major roadway’s connecting different states, some of them still work for rural areas and provide specialized services. For a Class A CDL driver job, you can visit the websites of different reputed companies including Duncan and Son Lines (DSL).

Benefits at Duncan and Son Lines

The following are the range of benefits you can enjoy by joining as a truck driver in DSL:

  • Wages – The wages of the DSL truck drivers are one of the best in the industry. Whether you’re new or experienced in this field, you can make around $60,000 in the first year easily.
  • Retirement – When it comes to the retirement of a truck driver, it’s difficult to plan. Some want to spend more time with their family while some may want to travel. Employees who have devoted a considerable number of years to the company are automatically enrolled to the standard retirement benefit.
  • TWIC card benefit – The new employees at DSL who have a valid TWIC card normally receive a bonus of $500 upon being hired and an extra cent every mile they travel. If you don’t have a TWIC card, the company will help you obtain one. They will schedule all the necessary appointments on your behalf, handle the paperwork and phone calls, allow the drivers to think of a reimbursement payment plan, and even pay the upfront fee. Each card is valid for five years, so you need not keep reapplying.
  • Health and wellness – As a truck driver, accepting the Class A CDL driver job lets you receive health and wellness benefits which is something important. At DSL, the truck drivers have many healthcare benefits that they can enjoy. The different affordable healthcare options cover health, vision, and dental problems. These flexible benefits help their employees to stay fit and healthy.

Andrew Williams