What You Need To Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Nothing can be more dramatic than courtroom dramas. But that excitement may mislead you to believe that having a degree and gift of the gab make someone a lawyer of high repute and trust. In reality, solid education, hard work and smart argument are the pillars for a budding lawyer to succeed in life. It takes any criminal defence lawyer seven long years after their postsecondary education, usually on full-time involvement, to step into the professional field. And then, the person needs to build up his networks to get jobs.

Therefore, the road to success is not easy and involves extensive hard work and good education. Still, if you are keen on defending the innocent or helping the culprit, amount of hard work, money and education is worth your choice.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bagging a bachelor’s degree is the basic requirement to become a Houston criminal defense lawyer. However, the requirement is same in other states as well. Undergraduate law major programs are not available in many USA universities though many schools offer pre-law tracks for the aspiring students. These tracks are designed in a way to enrich your undergraduate education and make you ready for law school.

If you have earned your bachelor’s degree in any subject other than law or related topics, it is still possible to enrol in a law school, as a bachelor’s degree in any subject is the minimum requirement in such schools.

Law School Admission Test

The law school requires the students with a bachelor degree to appear for an exam, namely Law School Admission Test of LSAT. The test is a yardstick to evaluate the depth of a candidate’s skill in analytical reasoning, logical reasoning and comprehending a piece. In technical sense, LSAT is not an educational requirement but for most law schools, the score in the entrance test is a necessary part of a candidate’s application substances.

Juris Doctor Degree

A juris doctor degree is a must-have to practice law in most areas. However, alternative programs combining education and work study are also available in a few states. A juris doctor degree refers to a general law degree.

If you are passionate about becoming a criminal defense lawyer, consider joining a law school that has a range of criminal law courses, seminars, clinics and internships on offer.

It takes three years to earn a juris doctor degree though fast-track programs are offered by some colleges and universities. These short-term programs combine both law school and undergraduate studies.

It is up to you whether to pursue studies after the juris doctor level. If you want to continue with your higher education, you may enrol for the master’s program in law degree.

Bar Exam

Even if you have completed your educational requirements, it is still not possible to practice law in the state. To start practicing as a lawyer, you need to get through a bar exam. It is a written exam and conducted by the individual states.

There are no uniform rules and versions of the bar exam and those are decided by the individual states. You have to pass the exam if you intend to practice law in any state though reciprocity is allowed in some states. Most states want the lawyers to pass from a law school recognized by the American Bar Association.

Susan Rivera

Susan Rivera