Why you should use a driver agency for HGV jobs in Oxford

If you’ve every been wondering how to find a HGV driving job in Oxford, here’s your chance. Up to now, you may have been frustrated with your job search, or not known where to look, or even been let down by false promises of getting HGV Driver jobs in Oxford – but no more!

Almost all permanent and temporary HGV driving jobs come through driver agencies

Perhaps the most advantageous method of find work as a HGV driver in Oxford is to register with a reputable agency with plenty of regular work.

See, many HGV drivers – especially those seeking permanent employment – are reluctant to use driver agencies. Drivers seem to feel agencies are only looking after themselves, or perhaps feel they take too much commission, but these are actually myths.

Driver agencies have a vested interest in you – it’s not in there interests to not find you work, as they won’t make any income otherwise.

Likewise, they do take commission – but it’s unlikely you would be able to take that job directly anyway. The reality is, driving clients prefer to use driver agencies to source their drivers because they know their needs – and it saves them time rather than searching for, interviewing and recruiting driver themselves.

This is why driver agencies now recruit permanent, temporary, contract and part-time HGV, ADR and NLGV drivers for the vast majority of driving jobs out there – because it works!

Why you should use a driver agency for getting HGV driver jobs in Oxford

So if you’re an Oxford-Based HGV driver, or are looking for HGV driving jobs in Oxford, here’s why you should consider using a driver agency.

  1. Most of the work available will be through a driver agency (as explained above)
  2. Driver agencies know and have relationships with all local employers – they know their needs, wage structure, how much work they have etc.
  3. Once you’ve worked through a driver agency, they build up a relationship with you and know you are a reliable, competent and professional driver – which will stand you in better stead for the next contract!
  4. Career development is an option, as driver agencies know the market and can suggest training needed that may increase your employability or earnings potential.
  5. Driver agencies have their ‘ears to the ground’ in terms of local working contracts and climate, so can best advise you if a move may be beneficial.

Driver agencies work for both driver and client

To explode one myth – a driver agency works in the interest of not just their client, but the driver. It’s not in an agency’s interests to overlook a HGV driver in Oxford that can go good work for them. Equally, it’s totally in their interests to keep that driver happy, either by keeping him in work or looking for an improved position.

Finally, it’s easy to register with a driver agency for getting HGV driver jobs in Oxford – just sign up with your details online or call them for an informal chat, and you could be working tomorrow!

Harold Todd

Harold Todd