5 Reasons to Become Host Parents

You may have considered whether to become host parents in the past and have had some doubts regarding whether it is the right thing for you.  After all, if you have never done it before it can seem extremely daunting sharing your home with a stranger.

However, it is worth considering the idea to become host parents; there are five main benefits or reasons to embrace this opportunity:

  1. Broaden Your Horizons

It doesn’t matter what nationality of student you welcome into your home; you will quickly realize that their culture is different to yours.  Some cultures are literally worlds apart whilst others have a range of similarities.

As your student learns about your culture you will be able to understand theirs better and appreciate the strengths of each culture.  You will also see why difference is a good thing but not something that should cause an issue.  Your perspective of the world will be broadened and improved.  You may be surprised at just how much you learn about the world simply by hosting a few students.

  1. Make friends

It is unlikely that you are hosting students simply to make new friends.  However, it is an often surprising bonus when you become host parents.  The simple fact is that if you share your home with a stranger for two weeks or even more, you will make an impact on each other.  This can easily develop into a deep interest in the other culture and ultimately a friendship.

After you become host parents and have welcomed several students into your home you may start to have friends all over the world!

  1. Develop Your Personality

There are a variety of things you can do with your own children that you may feel are not appropriate when you become host parents.  This can be as simple as raising your voice or swearing.  Having an extra person in your home will act to prevent you doing this.  In the process you will develop your personality.  It may be as simple as learning to take a step back, or take a deep breath before you tell your children of.

In fact, it is surprising how much you will change for the better when you become host parents and are forced to think about your actions more.

  1. Change the World

In a small way your adoption of a foreign student for a short period of time will help to change the world for the better.  Just as you will learn things about the culture of another country, they will learn from you.  What this will actually do is improve understanding between cultures and remove fear.  Without fear there is much less likely to be misunderstandings between cultures which can have disastrous consequences.  When you become host parents you will be helping to change the world for the better

  1. Earn Extra Money

Finally, it is possible to generate an income when you become host parents.  The student or their family will pay you to stay in your home.  Although this money is designed to cover the living costs of the student it is invariably more than is actually required.  This means that you can become host parents and supplement your current wages to improve your own standard of living; whilst learning!

Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell