Careers For Those People Who Like Working Alone:  Flexible Schedules, Professional Freedom, and Lucrative Opportunities

In the past a person that wanted to work alone either had to be working at a business for years or had to open a business of their own. Constantly worrying about management pointing out the smallest of issues can impede a person’s production overall by having them second-guess themselves constantly. Working alone is the dream for many people whether they work from home or have found a job that allows them to work without much direction. These opportunities offer flexible schedules, professional freedom, and the opportunity to earn far more than others in the same position. The following are careers that are perfect for the person that does not want to be cooped up in an office day after day.

Freelancing From Home

Freelance writing or web design from home is a booming niche to take part in. The need for content in design and written form seems to be increasing as generic clickbait type articles are losing value to the consumer. There are platforms that allow freelancers and companies to connect for projects that need to be completed. Platforms like this are the perfect place to start as a freelancer does not want to complete a project without payment being guarantee. Most freelancers work outside of these platforms after a few projects as trust has been built between the client as well as the freelancer. This helps maximize profits as freelancer platforms usually take a healthy percentage of money earned.

Trucking Jobs

Finding the right trucking job can be tough once you have gotten all of the associated licenses. Flatbed trucking jobs actually pay quite well while offering the driver more time at home with family. A trucking job that aligns with your desire for hours worked can be the perfect fit for that person that does not need much direction from management. A driver that consistently shows up to their pickups and drop-offs on time consistently often times will be able to create their own route.  Those applying who have their own flatbed or 18 wheeler can consistently be given work at a higher pay rate due to the truck being owned by the driver.

Independent Insurance Agent

Those people who have great sales skills can thrive working at home as an independent insurance agent. The misconception about these agents is that they simply cannot offer as low of prices as an agent that works exclusively for one insurance company. The opposite is actually true as independent agents can offer insurance from multiple companies so the lowest price can be attained. The lack of limitation of what policies can be sold allows an independent agent to create the best package possible instead of the best package from one company. This is going to take sales skills as well as customer service as people frequently want to change insurance plans if a certain plan is not serving them adequately.

Online Tutor/Teacher

The world of online education has erupted with a variety of opportunities for teachers to earn more or replace their teaching salary with online tutoring/teaching income. The need for online tutors is vast as many students might not understand a lesson in class due to the style of teaching of the instructor. Language tutors are always in high demand with children and adults from all over the world trying to learn some of the globe’s most popular languages. There are platforms for teachers to start earning immediately but it is important to look at the variety of options. Some platforms take a larger percentage of the money charged to tutor than others or have an unfavorable refund policy. Research which platform deserves your skills and register today!

Virtual Assistant

The world of the virtual assistant can be as busy or as relaxed as a client allows. There are some executives as massive corporations that opt for a virtual assistant rather than bringing an assistant on in-house. Great communication and organizational skills are needed for these positions. They can incorporate everything from setting meetings, answering emails, and coordinating conference calls. With tools like Google Calendar notifications will show up on the client’s phone thus helping the VA out even more. These type of gigs can lead to full-time employment if a great job is done. Most executives will try to hold onto a great assistant with increased pay and perks as they are very difficult to find.

There are far more jobs than ever before that allow a person to work at home or with very little direction. The elimination of the commute is the most attractive feature to many while others like the lack of constant supervision that the jobs above offer. Your profession should allow you to live comfortably while enjoying the work that you do. If either of these is not true, it is time to consider a career change!

Oswald Cassin