Administrator V/s. Developer Certification (by Salesforce): Why One Will You Choose?

Most of the companies are looking for at least a basic certification for all the job postings. There opens a lot of scope being a professional as a Salesforce administrator. There are many Salesforce training Institute that gives you knowledge about how to clear these exams in one go. Are you confused between administrator and developer certification?

If yes, this blog is meant for you. Below down I have tried to clear all the doubts that puzzle you to select your career option. Here you go:

  1. Administrator certification: The Administrator track currently comprises two certifications: one is the Salesforce Administrator, and the other one is the Advanced Administrator. To obtain an advanced administrator certificate, you have to pass the administrator exam. It will test your skills in the administrative functions within Salesforce and is highly in demand these days.
  2. Developer certification: Similar to Administrator certification, developer certification also comprises of two certifications namely Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II. You have to clear the platform developer I in-order to apply for platform developer II. Before handling the functionality to the administrator, a developer has to build it in a sandbox which is a test environment.
  3. Administrator V/s. Developer Certification: Let us see the technical difference between a developer user and administrator user.

The Administration certification focuses mainly on the day-to-day areas of Salesforce. It will test your understanding capability regarding the Salesforce security model, how you’ll manage users at its best, how you’ll create the workflow rules and other things. When you go one level up in this field, concepts will remain the same, but the level of the concept will become complex.

The developer certification focuses on Apex as well as visual force. It will enhance and test your coding and programming capabilities, which include designing the user interface, building complex business logic as per available requirements, testing the application and so on. They mainly make you study about the best in market coding practices and different security techniques to be used while developing the application.

If you’re making up your mind to go down the Developer track, we suggest you on taking up Administrator certification first; you may also take up cloud computing training along with this. As soon as you get administrator certification, you can immediately move on to developer track. Administrator certification will enhance your knowledge of Salesforce and its basic features.

Your knowledge about administrator track will not go in vain and will help you a lot in passing your developer exams. You should go to Salesforce Training Institute, which can properly guide you to clear the certifications and build a strong career in this highly demanding field.

Harold Todd

Harold Todd