Education System of Hong Kong

The overall education system of Hong Kong has been modeled as per the education system of UK. In fact, they are quite closely similar. In both the primary as well as the junior secondary school, education in Hong Kong is compulsory as well as free. There are several independent schools been set up in Hong Kong too such as the English Schools Foundation. The schools that have been set up independently also follow the UK, IB, US and other kinds of overseas curriculum.

Let us know more about the education system of Hong Kong below:

The Primary Education System

As stated before, the education system of Hong Kong primarily has been set up as per the similar pattern of The UK. But in several schools it has been noticed that the overall medium of education has been Chinese. Even though the first nine years of education for a child is regarded as compulsory, it has been seen that most of the students ensure that they complete all 12. Just in case you are not aware of this, the primary section too is quite competitive and has a lot of rush.

All throughout the six years of the series, exams are taken time and again. The most common subjects which you will notice in almost every school during this series are Math, English, Chinese, Science, Arts and Music, Physical education and Social Studies. If you too are planning to study in Hong Kong or are already a student there, do visit the site iherb 香港 to gain some amazing discounts especially linked for students. You can get some of the best medical supplies and much more from this online link with some amazing discounts.

Secondary Education System

The next is the secondary schooling system. In this series, education is but compulsory in the initial three years time period. Plus they also follow a standardized academic program during this period. During the tenure of 4 to 6, the students are given the choice of selecting two or three elective subjects. The total choice from which they can choose from is almost 20 subjects. In fact apart from the usual subjects such as English, Math, liberal studies, Chinese programs, students also get the previledge to choose any B-tech course, if they are interested in it.

Oswald Cassin