A Few Advantages of Living On-Campus While School Time

On-campus housing provides pupils several campus resources which include faculty and academic advisors, computer labs, a library, dining facilities and campus eateries, the health center, recreational facilities, and student organizations. Besides, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of campus-wide and residence hall programs and they can interact with university professors outside the classroom. The advantages of living on campus can also be ranked quantitatively. Pupils who live in York University housing give better performance in academics than the students living in residential buildings.

Here are a few advantages of living on-campus while school time:

Better Academic Performance

On-campus living students give batter performance in academics than the students who stay off-campus. The main reasons behind such increased academic success: live so close to designated study areas, groups study and the lecture halls always become assets to in studies.

It’s Convenient

It is much more convenient than off-campus living as you don’t need to worry about catching the bus and getting late for the early morning lectures. As you stay five minutes apart from your lecture hall, you don’t worry about getting late. Moreover, when you forget your assignment in your room, you don’t need to get panic. You can easily get it from your nearby room to the lecture hall. Other benefits are you find all facilities like a dental clinic, barbershop and laundry room inside your campus.


You can save a lot of money by living on-campus. If you live off-campus, you have to pay an additional cost for Gym, food, internet, cable, heat and hydro. However, all these facilities are included in the on-campus living cost. You do not need to pay additional for everything.

Provide A Safe And Secure Atmosphere

The other advantage of living on-campus is safety and security. The on-campus residence provides electronic locks powered by your mobile as well as on-site. There are also clear emergency plans and access to security measures on campus so you can enjoy your campus experience without worrying about your security.

Fun Living

You cannot overlook the benefits of accessing social clubs and events by living on-campus. Another benefit is that you live with a group of students, so you may make life-long friends. Moreover, you may join extracurricular clubs and activities for having extra fun. Special events like concerts are organized every year in on-campus, you can enjoy taking part in them.

Sarah Estrada

Sarah Estrada