Follow our checklist to produce a high-end website for schools and colleges. When it comes to education, the list below should be a part of your school brand’s transformation.

Website Web Page Flow:



  • Create at least two or more headers that communicate your schools USP (unique selling proposition). Ensure the titles aren’t too generic as we want to engage the users and potential parents and entice them to want to read more.
  • Give each page a blurb explaining why people should select your institution. Explain to them the value they will experience when they send their child to your school. Do not wait to appear just how special you’re as if you’re executing this in real-time; then you don’t need to worry about your competitors replicating your strategy. Due to your initiative, you’re transforming the frame of mind of the entire vertical, so thanks to you. Whoever bringing changes to the prevailing system are the actual game-changers regardless of industry.

About Us

Typically, every school, university or institution website will have a values, vision and mission statement. It is a prominent declaration for any type of school which embodies what the school stands for. We highly recommended having this page, along with the following areas:

  • Board of Supervisors: Discuss the information of the essential members of the management that oversee the school procedures.

  • A page to explain about your school or school’s framework is needed, such as extracurricular activities, playground, canteen, pool, collection, fitness center, etc. Produce an individual webpage for each service with HD photos that will assist the user experience, so that they can envision the school without physically being there.

  • Ensuring you list the leading faculties, such as the Principal or the teachers who contribute to the establishment in its entirety is also highly recommended.

Training Courses Page

  • Include a training courses page – This page is one of the essential pages that might drive you a lot more admissions.

Educating the Customer

  • Basic details regarding the school programs and their relevance with an alternative to downloading a thorough training course sales brochure are required for colleges.

Producing Interest

  • Placement opportunities after pursuing these courses will be included on each and every program page, specifically for universities.

Calls to Action

  • Ensure your website has enough “call to actions” so the user can action their need or they can reach you without browsing to the various other web pages.

If want to know more about school web design, or info on engaging an external provider to develop a website for your school, here’s an excellent article on selecting school website services.


Harold Todd

Harold Todd