Selecting Tuition Learning Centres: 4 Things to Look Out For

Maths, Science, and English tuition in Singapore has always been a hot topic, where it is essential and with good reason. With increasingly hard examinations at their respective schools, students are frequently overburdened. Tuition is now, more than usual, a requirement. Parents must understand how to locate the best learning centre for their children. Here are four factors to consider when selecting a tuition centre:

1. Class Size

Why is class size so crucial in a tuition centre in Tampines? With a smaller class size, it will be easier for students to get their questions answered, and teachers will be better able to cater to each student’s unique needs. In other words, a smaller class size results in a more conducive learning environment for your child, who will receive more individualised attention.

2. Background of the Tutor

Next, you should investigate the tutor’s history. Given their professional training in teaching, teachers and former teachers will be the most effective tutors. A former educator has the industry knowledge and ‘feel’ that other tutors may lack. Additionally, experienced tutors from tuition learning centres can impart knowledge more quickly and effectively. In addition, an ex-teacher with a deeper understanding of the education industry will be better able to anticipate and recognise examination questions!

3. Type of Notes

When selecting tuition learning centres, it is better to know their tradition of providing notes. Do tutors make them? Are they unique to that particular educational institution? In general, handwritten notes tend to be of higher quality. In addition, since they are likely to be circulated only within the tuition centre, they provide an advantage in the form of notes.

4. Teaching Methods

There are three primary learning styles for children: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. By determining your child’s learning style, you will be better able to select primary school programmes that best meet their needs.

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Susan Rivera

Susan Rivera