Top 3 Ramadan Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Ramadan is the holy month of giving. It is donations and charity to the poor that come first on the priority list of the Islam. However, exchanging gifts with loved ones is also a part of the celebrations. The holy month of Ramadan has already started, but still it’s not too late to do your shopping. We have put together the top 3 Ramzan-inspired gift ideas to instill in you the spirit of giving.

Gifts for Women

  • Arabic Jewels

Ramadan jewel collection is a great gift idea. There are many creative Arabic jewellery designs available today. You can choose an elegantly designed Arabic Gold Necklace with Ayatul Kursi as a gift and the recipient is sure to like it, especially to have received it during the holy month. Women would love to receive such interesting jewellery pieces.

  • Abaya

If you are looking for modest gifts for the women in your life, what better can you think of than abaya? Since modest clothing is greatly encouraged during this month, it would make a great gifting option.  You can also opt for a traditional kaftan.

  • Gift Baskets

Women have a special liking for customized gift baskets. Create a unique gift hamper of assorted chocolates or fruits and nuts or Iftar delicacies. This is surely a treasured gift idea for any woman.

Gifts for Men

  • Personalised Kandura

Islamic men’s wear like kandura is very popular during this festive month. You could gift the man in your life a customised kandura.  Islamic men love the modern, sleek kanduras a lot.

  • Arabian Sandals

Most of the men love to wear Arabian-styled shoes during such traditional celebrations. Buy a pair of stylish and comfortable Arabian sandals as this would make a great gift idea for men.

  • Arabian Perfumes

Oriental fragrances make great gift ideas for men, be it your husband, brother or father. The Arabian perfumes have always been a hot favourite among the Islamic men.

There you have it – the best Ramadan gift ideas! Do your gift shopping now so that you can concentrate on ibadah during this holy month’s last few nights.

Oswald Cassin