Work efficiently and professionally with all new CPC training

Training is one of the most important parts of any job and without it you will not be able to perform any function. Almost for every job some sort of training is required through which it becomes much easier for you to understand your working and its environment. In fact, these days it is important for every driver to have proper training as it will help them in increasing their and their passengers safety. For this a new certificate and training course is adopted in many parts of the world. The name of this training is CPC training where CPC stands for Driver certificate of professional competence.

According to this training, it is important for every professional lorry, bus and coach driver to hold this certificate. The main aim of this course is to improve the road safety and this will also help in maintaining the high driving standards. This training is of 35 hours and it is given once the driver has completed initial CPC training. It is given to the drivers after every 5 years and it is mandatory that the 35 hours training should be completed within 5 days.   There are many benefits of having this training such as through this you get some additional knowledge regarding your job. In this training session medical information is also provided which can be beneficial in case of any serious accidents.

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Classification of certificate course

This certificate course is divided into four parts out of which two are theory part and remaining two are practical parts. The first two parts are mandatory while other two depends on driver whether they want to have it or not. Once the training is completed then driver will receive a license which they need to carry at the time of driving. Following are the tests that this course consists of:

Theory tests

  • Case studies
  • Theory examination

Practical tests

  • License acquisition
  • Driver CPC test


Calvin Russell

Calvin Russell